Rhythm is life. Music is rhythm.

Whether you're a casual dancer putting together winning music for a party, a dance teacher looking for tunes popular with today's audience or a DJ preparing for a dance competition, one of the biggest challenges is finding the right tunes. This site can help anyone who needs to find the best tunes for dance events.

This site offers song-based information so you can choose songs you may already have in your library. Links are made for 30-second samples wherever possible to make it easy to try and buy what you need.

How to use this site

Just select a dance form at the top of any page and view the selections. Click on song names for complete details including lyrics (when available).

What's playing?

This site is not intended to be a complete list of all available dance music. That would make the lists so long they would be quite unusable. The goal is to list no more than 100 of the best or most popular songs for each dance. Some lists, like Paso Doble, will be very short for obvious reasons. Efforts are made to purge items as new songs are added.

The songs listed are ones I've heard at competitions and dance parties. DJs were also asked for input. The lists only cover the ten dances of Latin and Standard International-style ballroom recognized officially by the IDSF as ballroom DanceSport.

Make this site better

If you would like to suggest songs that would be of interest to Dancesport fans, please provide details using the song request form so they can be considered.

Another very useful tool for those using iTunes is the iTunes store "Tell a Friend" feature. When you locate a favorite dance song, just send it to me at directly from the iTunes Store, making it very easy to preview the song, measure the beat count and add it to the database. Other approaches require me to find the music, which can be difficult or time consuming (often both).

Use the convenient song request form.